Storage Server Procurement


Need a very large storage for your group? The IT Center can help you obtain and manage a dedicated server capable of storing dozens of terabytes of data. Can even be set up to store sensitive data.

Who is this for

Researchers and research groups with specific needs and an actual budget.

How to access

Plan your purchase with the IT Center.

The IT Center provides necessary services for procuring and hosting a storage server. Servers are obtained via a framework agreement. Servers procured  via the framework agreement are hosted free of charge by the IT Center.

Please note the following:
- Minimum capacity is ~50 terabytes. Maximum is ~300 terabytes.
- Servers have 3 to 5 year life spans depending on the warranty. Hosting is available only to servers with a valid warranty agreement.
- Servers can be configured to hold sensitive or non-sensitive data. Certain limitations will apply if used for sensitive data.
- Servers can be accessed either via Windows File Share (Windows Server) or SFTP (Linux). Windows Server licenses have yearly license fees.