OneDrive for Business


OneDrive is a cloud collaboration service for sharing and storing files for users both within and outside the university. The maximum storage size is 1 terabyte. OneDrive works seamlessly with Excel Online, Word Online and other Office 365 tools. All data is stored within the EU. Do not use for sensitive data!

Who is this for

All UH users. Supports sharing to people outside UH via link sharing or email invites.

How to access

By logging on via the UH Office 365 start page at

The OneDrive desktop sync client is automatically set up on UH centrally administered computers.

OneDrive is used for cloud storage and file sharing with other users within or outside the university instead of e.g. using e-mail attachments. Well suited for online collaboration on e.g. text documents and spreadsheets. OneDrive for Business is a part of the Microsoft Office 365 cloud service.

Do not use for storing sensitive data unless it is encrypted. Please see instructions on how to drastically improve your data security by using encryption here.

Always remember to adhere to the UH terms of use for IT services. Read more in the university's cloud service policy in Flamma.

If you were planning on using Google cloud storage services, please use OneDrive for Business instead! The agreement between UH and Microsoft provides better protection for UH Office 365 users.