Guide on publishing and opening your data


Guide to choosing the appropriate repository to publish, deposit and open your data sets.

Who is this for

Anyone interested in shared research materials.

UH recommendation 

 "8. As a rule, research data produced under the auspices of the University of Helsinki and related to published research results are open and available for shared use. The discoverability and citability of research data must be ensured." (Data policy

Please contact Data Support if you need help in opening your data. Below some ideas where to open research data.


1. Publishing and sharing data in a data repository 


Choose suitable repositories for sharing and opening your data already at the beginning of the project. Some repositories are generic and host all kinds of data, whereas others are discipline specific. 

Choose a repository, which gives a persistent identifier (permanent link to the data) making the data findable and citable. Favour repositories that are certified, e.g. CoreTrustSeal. 

Other criteria to consider when choosing a repository:  

  • Are there costs related to storing (e.g per gigabyte)? 
  • Where is the data physically stored, e.g. EU or US? 
  • Is there a default license or can you choose one? 
  • Is long-term preservation guaranteed? 


Where to open research data:  

Some examples of data archives and repositories:


2. ​Publishing in a data journal 


Data journals are peer-reviewed journals for data, which enable the researcher to focus on data rather than analysis of it compared to traditional journals.  

The Australian National Data Service“While individual publisher policies vary, it's worth noting that publishing data through a data journal does not necessarily prevent the publication of data analyses and research results in a traditional journal, along with a reference and links to the data journal paper. This provides readers with access to all relevant information about a piece of research and may result in citation of both the journal article and data paper.” 


Finnish Committee for Research Data keeps a list of online academic data journals can be found here

Examples of generic data journals: 

Examples on research field specific data journals