Group Storage Space


The Group Storage space provides a reliable shared storage for medium sized (20 Gb to several terabytes) data sets. Access requires a UH user account. Is backed up daily.

Who is this for

University personnel, researchers, etc.

How to access

To obtain a group storage space of your own, please follow the quick help instructions at
The group space is automatically mounted as a hard drive on computers centrally administered by the UH IT Center once access rights have been set up properly.

The Group Storage Space is a safe storage for non-sensitive medium sized data sets.

Prize (2018): 0,019 € / GB in use / month
We do not invoice expences less than 100 € per Unit's code (Hxxx)

Please note the following:
- Suited for data sets from 20 Gb to several terabytes
- Is located at a UH data center in Finland
- Is backed up daily
- All users must have UH user accounts. UH user accounts can be applied for external collaborators.
- Easy to access from UH network. Can also be accessed via VPN.
- Not meant to be used as an archive – suitable for actively used data sets

To create a group storage space, please contact your unit's service coordinator. You'll also need to set permissions for each of your group members.


See the instructions at the Helpdesk site for detailed information on how to set up your group storage!